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Irrelevant Anecdotes and Thoughts for the Masses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2006|03:24 am]
Guest Columns
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger are talented actors, not revolutionaries. There, I said it.
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Princeton admissions essay [Aug. 14th, 2005|03:51 pm]
Guest Columns
I am applying to Princeton.

This the larger of my three essaysCollapse )

I, personally, like it.
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In praise of argument. [Jun. 24th, 2005|11:08 pm]
Guest Columns

It's been pointed out to me that I've been mean in ths board. People post their opinions and I argue against them vehemently rather than make cute feedback. Hurts feelings.

Too bad.

We live in a society that values everyone's opinions. Everyone is entitled to their American opinion, with or without evidence. We try to lock ourselves in spheres of existence that are outside the ability of others to modify. We get our ideas, and gosh-golly, we're going to stick with them and no one should tell us we're wrong. We're all special. We're all valuable.

No. We're not. We are expendable, forgettable people. In everyone's mind, they are the lead in some form of Truman Show. We're all really special people, and it's our experiences that define the world. It's our subtleties and emotions and feelings that should define how we view the world. If people disagree with us, they're obviously wrong and we're obviously right.

Or, even worse, we go the opposite route. We tell them that they're certainly entitled to their opinion. Without argument. Without rebuttal. Since it's their opinion, we should just sit down and let it slide. Opinions are magical like that.

Too bad.

You should be willing to argue. You should be willing to put something up here and want to face criticism. You should want to defend your ideas rather than have a mass of friends agree, pat you on the back, and congratulate you on preaching to the choir. A "column" in the traditional newspaper sense means you're editorializing on a topic in a way that is meant to convince or express your feelings to someone who may not share your viewpoint. It's supposed to add something new to the thought process of the community, not just feed back into it.

Therefore when you receive criticism or anger or something you deem unfair, fight back. Reply. Don't quit. Don't give up. Don't let some fat guy who writes for a living tell you how to think. Tell you how to feel. Stand up for yourself. Fight for what you believe in. It makes your opinions stronger when you must reinforce them against irrational diatribes like I spit out.

If you're unwilling to defend your opinion, it's not worth having in the first place.

And cowboys are even gayer than your average man, let alone some platonic ideal for masculinity.
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Save a horse [Jun. 24th, 2005|05:47 pm]
Guest Columns

Unlike most woman of today, I’m going to just come out and say it. I miss cowboys. Rough burly men, who didn’t speak much, chewed on a piece of straw and commonly used the word ma’am. I don’t necessarily men a strict cowboy, with a six shooter, chaps and a heavy tan (although I must admit that those features can be fashionable), I mean in the sense of a man’s man. The men I dreamed of as a little girl, the handsome prince with a broad sword (not a John Brown reference), the bad boy in a leather jacket, the dark suited business man, and the cowboy are a dying breed.
Not that I am unsatisfied. In fact, I have been pleased with the modern-day male race in general. The “nice” guy, commonly characterized to have sensitivity, understanding and sophistication is in abundance. This generation has taught a tolerance and empathy to the sexes that had been misunderstood or hidden before. Most of it’s effects are wonderful. I’m also not trying to claim that chivalry and manners are gone, because I see many of cases of that as well. But when the word “man” is spoken, I’ve always found a subtle depth to it. A man doesn’t cry. A man takes care of his woman. A man works hard and doesn’t take any shit. Granted, an old fashioned outlook, but I don’t mean it in the sense that sends a woman to the kitchen. Being physically stronger then a woman bears no influence in this definition.
I’m just becoming tired of men that care whether their hair is gelled correctly or not. Guys who “have feelings too” or who can be considered “pussy-whipped”. This new metro-sexual rising. Their grandfather’s wouldn’t stand for that shit. I’ve also found that even our “tough” guys, are judged like 50 cent: by the amount of times they’ve been shot or whether or not they have Gucci fabric on their shoes. In another cultural sense, how many piercing one guy has over an other, how many times they’ve dyed their hair purple, or how big their biceps are. It’s just simply that, I feel, even though they retain the physical properties of a male, they perhaps should not be titled with “men”, and a word with less effect should be commissioned.
All in all, I miss cowboys. The men that open doors for their women and eye down every guy in the room. Men who don’t give in and say “Alright honey, we can watch Oprah, because I care about your feelings”. Men who can work up a sweat, but don’t bitch about it. Men who don’t shave their chests or shop at Hollister. Men who can make a girl’s knees weak without reciting poetry. It’s my animal instinct to think of the big alpha male. Yes, I’m a woman and will never be ashamed of wearing a dress, or crying at Titanic, but damn-it that doesn’t mean I want my man doing it.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2005|11:38 pm]
Guest Columns
Foreword (Yes Dan, and Andy, I'm actually writing a foreword): I wrote this as an essay for a scholarship. As the prompt mandated, I chose to write about an issue important to me: Creation of the Universe and human life in it. I'd very much appreciate brutal honesty on the ideas as I presented them here; rip into what I've written. Also, I tried not to be too against creationist views, and I hope I did a well enough job, although I'd imagine this isn't the best community in which to seek such reassurances.

Creation DebateCollapse )
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Literary Agency [Jun. 14th, 2005|04:39 pm]
Guest Columns

Just so you know what I do every day, here is what nearly every (I'd say 90%) of the query letters I read look like. I've fictionalized titles, names, and other shit, but every oddity on here occurs regularly in queries.

Yes, it makes me an asshole to do this.

No, I don't care if I'm not that great of a writer, either. I've got the power here.

Read more...Collapse )
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Those Three Dangerous Words [May. 20th, 2005|10:48 pm]
Guest Columns

[Current Music |The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony]

I had this posted on mine, but not that many people read it.

We live in a day and age in which we don't completely mean everything we say. You hear it everyday, someone just randomly saying an saying or phrase to our friends and peers that would normally be meant as an insult or an act of passion. For example: Jane has a new pair of sunglasses with stars on the frames. Her friend, Beth sees them and exclaims "Oh my god! Those are so beautiful, I hate you!". Now Beth doesnt hate Jane at all. Her use of the phrase "I hate you" is not directed as a form of insult or expression of anger. No, its just a weird and compelling way to pay compliment ot Jane and those sunglasses. Is it weird that we accept this as such? But that is only a mild occasion and example. Let's get down to the real point.

"I Love You". Perhaps the most overused and misleading phrase used in our young teenage lives these days. Sure it's a nice thing to say and even better to hear. The only problem is that the use of it no longer seems to retain its original meaning and effect. Webster's dictionary has a few defintions of love that we shall now observe:

(1) : warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion

This is used simply enough throughout all of us. Jerry loves to sail, Frankie loves guns, Beenie loves the Beach Boys, Joan loves God. Simple enough, right? Move on to:

(2) : attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers

Now here we go. Since there may be children reading, i shall not give examples for this one. But we all get the point. But the funny thing here is that sex does not always equal to love. This seems to be more the definition for lust.

(3) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties

Now this basic definition that we are all familiar which relates to that of love within family or really-close personal affiliations. For example: Mother loves son, daughter loves father, grandma loves nephew Bob, Jack loves his wife Jill, and Steve loves his best friend since kindergarden named Pudd. The use of love in this context is simple as such and self-explanatory. It's not easy to fuck up the meaning behind this love. But somehow, we've managed to find a way.

What i mean by that is in todays day and age among us, we all use the phrase "i love you" too loosely among our peers and such and its gotten to the point that the phrase no longer holds it true meaning. Just the other day, i lent a dollar to someone who i barely knew and she replied with "OMG thank you so much i friggin love you!". Now sure, it was a nice thing to say and it was cool to hear, but c'mon now. Thats a little too much for just one dollar. But its not just that one time, it happens to me quite a lot.

In our young minds, the feelings of "love" are a relatively new experiance and are rapidly taking form. We date in order to find an experiance called "love" and usually we face discouarging results. We search and search for that experiance, and anything coming close to it will excite our little hearts. Now, the overuse of the "i love you" phrase mainly retains to the female side. Now we as guys know that your saying it to be sweet and such and to show perhaps a gratitude for a service or compliment we provide (i.e. the dollar). There in such lies a problem. Let me paint a picture for you.

Bobby has been friends with Amanda for a few weeks now. They talk a lot and they both enjoy each others company. Now Bobby is a bit of a lonely guy. Now dont get me wrong, he has plenty of friends of both sexes. But Bobby is a different kind of lonely. I think you get the point. Well, lets say that Bobby starts to see Amanda in a bit different way in his eyes. He realizes shes really attractive and totally cool. But he knows it would be a mistake to try anything with her as he is uncertain if she is starting to see the same thing with him. Then on one day, Bobby lends Amanda a hand with something. WIth gratitude, Amanda blurts "Dude ur the best, love you man." Bobby cant believe his ears. Did she say what he thinks she did? Bobby realizes that it was probably just a friendly comment and decides not to look into it too much. But as time goes on, she uses it more and more, mainly at the end of conversations. Bobby doesnt know what to think anymore. She has to be thinking the same thing he is. She has to be.

Then the day finally comes when Bobby decides to give it a shot, and ask her out. Butterflies in his stomache, and baseball cap in his hand. He approaches Amanda nervously, closes his eyes, and pops the magic teenage question: "Will yo go out with me?". She looks at him, and says ".....what?". Baffled, Bobby explains everything with the feelings and the "love yous" and Amanda just states "....oh....i didnt mean it like that though...". A piece of Bobby dies inside. He feels crushed. The awkwardness they both feel is tremendous. She apologizes and Bobby says its ok.

Well time passes. Its been a week since they've spoken normally to each other. Then another week. Soon its a month. What started out as an awesome friendship ended up as an awkward pause. She's confused to why things are. But Bobby knows things can never be the same again. Bobby sighs, wipes away a tear perhaps, and slowly goes on with life. His first experiance with love turned out to be one-sided. As it is with most of us. The End.

Now I'm not blaming females for this overuse. Not at all. We are all responsible for it, because we all encouarge it. But moderation is needed, people. You can't expect to be saying "I love you" all willy-nilly without really meaning it in its definition way. People get hurt this way.
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The Ignorance Of Youth OR "Rectum? It Damn Near Killed Him!" [May. 16th, 2005|04:12 pm]
Guest Columns
Too often have our schools been corroded with empty minds, unused pencils, and ignorant teachers. Many a student has often encountered their ignorant counterpart: receiving quips like "You do your work?," or the dreaded "You're going to pass that AP exam?" The schools are in dire need of motivation, because the children aren't all to blame. I've come across several teachers within the vicinity of my school in which they've taught their students nothing. Not only does the world history honors teacher of my High School not know about the world, nor history, but she isn't always sober, when she arrives to class.

The state of our education is dwindling: this is evident as students do not read the newspaper, do not pay attention in class, and do not take the initiative to learn on their own. Are their minds prevalent with wandering thoughts like teenage fornication, the local sports team; perhaps it's the substance abuse that is ruling their minds. Nevertheless, when I heard my peer refer to Terry Schiavo as "Vegetable Lady," I felt inevitably compelled to announce a dire request: the ways of learning are moribund, we must assemble our minds and request for intellect to reign once again! I advocate a balance of mind, body, and open-mindedness: a person of brilliance, intolerance, and lethargy is of no use to the world, but a balanced person is bound to live life in splendor.
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